Iron, Gates, Fencing


Deciding to improve your property with the addition of decorative gates and fencing is a big investment. There is no secret to achieving a quality finish that will stand the test of time. At Temecula Valley Powder Coating  we have powder coated hundreds of gates over the years with panels up to 20'.   

Our staff starts by wiping gates and fencing down with an eco friendly degreaser to remove oils before sandblasting. Sandblasting will remove mill scale and cleans the raw material leaving a peak and valley profile for the powder coating to adhere. Sandblasting is known as mechanical abrasive cleaning and is a requirement when powder coating steel for the Military.

When requested an epoxy primer coat will be applied. Epoxy primer is a powder primer applied, then cured in the oven as a base coat. Primer is specially formulated for corrosion protection. The Final finish coat, (unless the selected finish requires an additional clear coat) is applied by the same method as primer then fully cured in our oven. The final coat provides UV protection and the beautiful finish selected by you.

A low initial price may be a short term savings.  It is very expensive to have gates and fencing removed to be reworked because they were not properly powder coated when built and are rusting and pealing.