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The automotive, motorcycle, and off-road industries have relied on powder coating for durability, outstanding looks, and almost endless applications. Powder Coating can far exceed the durability of liquid paint. Temecula Valley Powder Coating stocks a wide selection of colors, candies and textures from which to choose from. Depending on the type of material to be powder coated, your part will then be sandblasted or pretreated with a high temp iron phosphate system.  Parts are plugged and masked to protect sensitive areas such as threads and machined areas for sandblasting, then plugged and masked again before powder coating is applied.

At Temecula Valley Powder Coating, we do not cut corners when powder coating your wheels. All wheels are either media blasted or chemically stripped to remove the existing finish. Starting with a clean raw wheel is essential for a good looking and long lasting finish. Our pricing is generally comparable to that of powder coaters who skip stripping, and simply coat over the existing finish to rush the job for a quick turnaround. As is generally the case, it takes a little longer to do things right. Temecula Valley Powder Coating is the choice of wheel manufacturers, new car dealerships, local tire and wheel repair companies, for high quality powder coating they are proud to present to their customers.  

Temecula Valley Powder Coating is fortunate to have multiple commercial bicycle customers. We powder coat hundreds of bike frames each year. We offer a stripping service to remove the existing finish. All parts are plugged and masked to insure there are no tolerance issues upon reassembly. We stock an extensive range of colors including candies, sparkles, fluorescents, flat finishes and textures to choose from. It doesn't matter who made it. We can make it look new again.