What is Powder Coating

bikesAbout Powder Coating
Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder.  Significantly more durable than wet paint, powder coating provides an exceptionally attractive appearance and protective finish.  Powder coating uses a solvent free mix consisting of plastic resins, pigments and fillers that crosslink together when properly cured in an oven. The concept dates back to the early 40’s and 50’s where it was somewhat unsuccessful. During the 70’s manufacturers were under pressure to develop “green” alternatives to solvent based paints and coatings. After years of development and with modern application equipment, powder coating is now one of the most widely used and efficient finishes available.

What can be powder coated?
Just about any metal able to withstand the heat required for curing the powder; generally 375 to 400 Fahrenheit. No matter where you look you will find examples of powder coating. From consumer to business use, no mater how large or small, if it’s metal and has a durable good-looking finish, it's probably powder coated.

Why Choose Powder Coating over Paint?

• More durable than paint, extremely resistant to chips, abrasion, heat and UV rays.
• Green technology, friendly to the environment with no solvents used and virtually no harmful VOC's.
• Extensive variety of colors, candies, sparkles and textures available
• More cost effective and less expensive than traditional paint.